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The  Windles  /Wingles  are  fascinating.   John  Woods  and  Sean Wallace (both natives of Tullyleague, Glin, Co. Limerick) spent   hours   talking  about  them. John Woods’s  mother’s   folk  were  Windle’s  from Glenalappa    and  his  father’s  Windle’s  were  from  Aughrim.  Sean Wallace’s  grandmother’s   grandmother   was   Wingle   from  Knockfinisk   where  Thade  Wingle (we’ll deal with Thade further on) that  we  knew   about came  from   and  she was supposed to  have  been  related to  Sean’s   grandmother.

Johnny Wallace, Sean’s father had the story (speculation again) that the    Knockfinisk   Wingle’s    were   originally   Kerry Wingle’s   who migrated to Knockfinisk and later returned to Glin.

According to the 1830 Tithe Book for Murher, Moyvane, Co. Kerry the only Windle listed is that on plot 190 of the said book indicating that a Riordan and Windle share a plot of 17 acres and have to pay a tithe of 7 shillings and 8 pence and three farthings.  Johnny Wallace had   the gift of the seanchai, a  great  gift   of  storytelling often  embellishing  his  stories and  sending  the listener  home happy.

Sean, Johnny’s son recalls his father telling him the following –  

‘One of  those  Wingle’s from Canada  I  think,  was  trying  desperately  to  make a  connection  with  her  ancestors.  She   tried everywhere   and trawled the internet. Eventually she arrived at our house and outlined all the   facts. My  father  listened  for  a  while  and  eventually   had to  admit  he   couldn’t   make the  connection. The  only  thing  I  can  tell  you  he  said  was  what  my mother  told me  “All the  Wingle  men  were over 6 feet  tall   and  all  were  grey   by the  time  were 40’’. That was enough!    My  god  she  said  my  father  and  all my  uncles  were 6  feet  tall and  all  went  grey  prematurely , she went  away  happy’.

John Woods told Sean that they never knew of any connection with Johnny Windle in Glenagrargra   until Fr Galvin, John’s uncle died.   Johnny  Windle of Glenagragra, Glin whom we’ll meet  later on arrived   at the  funeral   to say  he    would    lead the Rosary as he  wanted to uphold  the tradition that when  one  Windle  died   the   Rosary   should  be   led  by  a  blood  relative.  Maybe Johnny Wallace’s story was right after all.

Fr. Michael Galvin  born in Glenalappa, Moyvane  February 20th 1907. He attended St. Michael’s college in Listowel from 1921 to 1926. He then entered St. Patrick’s College in Carlow and was ordained on December 23rd 1933 at Carlow Cathedral by Most Rev Matthew Cullen D.D. He went to the U.S. shortly after being ordained and served as assistant pastor in various parishes in California. He became pastor of St. Gregory the Great of Whittier in 1951 and came to St Gertrude’s Church,  7025 Garfield Ave, Bell Gardens, in the diocese of Los Angeles, California in 1952 where he remained until his retirement in March 1967 due to ill health.  He died at home in his native Glenalappa in 1967 and is buried in Murhur cemetery, Moyvane, Co. Kerry . His parents   were  William Galvin   and Mary Windle  whose   father was Patrick Windle, born circa 1853 from Glenalappa. ( William Galvin  was  from around rahea, listowel Co. Kerry)  It is of the belief that this Patrick Windle, who died circa 1945 was  the son of a  Michael Windle. Henry must have had a brother Michael Windle in Glenalappa. I was reliably informed that this Patrick Windle was around 90 years of age when he went to his eternal reward.  Patrick was  married to a Wingle  from Knockfinnisk.   maybe a  distant  relative of Henry Lyons’s  wife   (Henry Lyons being the brother to Donie Lyons, famous flute player and traditional singer from Dromreask, Glin).

Moyvane Church Records 1904

Husband                                                                             Wife
WILLIAM GALVIN                                                           MARY WINDLE



 NR                                                                                       NR

MICHAEL GALVIN                                                               PATRICK WINDLE

MARY  NR                                                                                MARGARET  NR

Further details on record
Priest NR
Husband Age NR
Husband Denomination RC
Husband Marital Status NR
Wife Age NR
Wife Marital Status NR
Witness 2 MARY KEANE

John  Woods and  Sean Wallace have  come to the  conclusion  that  their families  must  be   related  and  now  it would appear that my great great-grandmother  Nora Wingle was one and the same Wingle’s as that of the Wallace’s and Woods’s.

Henry (Harry) Windle, 1812-1866 

(Glenagragra, Glin/Athea, Co. Limerick.)

Although the Windle family lived in Glenagragra in the parish of Glin they invariably gave their postal address as Glenagragra, Athea.  Where Ballyguiltenane is given as the birthplace of some of the families it is worthy to note that in olden times some of Glenagragra was known as Ballyguiltenane Upper.

Henry Windle farm (marked in yellow) in Glenagragra from Google Maps.

(Spelt incorrectly as Glengragara on Google)

Death Records (D) and Burial Records (B): General Register Office and Civil Registration


27-Mar Glenagragra, Glin Windle Henry Widower


Farmer Old age Informant

Michael Windle, Son

Henry (Harry) Windle as listed in Griffith’s Valuation of Glenagragra 1851. Henry was married to Bridget Culhane, b circa 1815 from Ballyguiltenane, Glin. Henry Windle and Bridget Culhane had the following family that we know of –

(1)Michael Windle b circa 1845.

(2) Henry Windle 1847-1906

(3) Ellen Windle b circa 1846-1924

(4)Thomas Windle b May 4th 1850

(5)Mariam Mary Windle b circa Sept 7th 1853

(6)Maurice Windle b circa 1859

Notes on Bridget Culhane as follows – Bridget was the descendent of Donal Riabach Culhane who was married to my  ancestor Mary Langan circa 1721. ( Riabach meaning swarthy ) dark complexion. They had several children one of whom was  Murtagh ( Mortimer ) Culhane who married Mary Moore.  

It was Thomas F Culhane, Ballyguiltenane, Glin that left us with the above information. Thomas who was known as ‘Lawney’  graduated from Queens University Belfast. He emigrated to Australia in 1927. He wrote a thesis there on the Aboriginal tribe named Wooriyallock with whom he and his team had lived with for a number of years and was awarded a M.A. degree by the University of Melbourne for his work.  He became editor of the Melbourne newspaper  ‘The Advocate’ and died in his adopted country in 1969.

Notes for Mary Moore

Mary Moore was one of the O’Moores,whose ancestors were one of :the Seven Septs of Leix  O’Devoy (O’Deevy), O’Doran, O’Dowling, McEvoy, O’Kelly, O’Lalor and O’Moore. who arrived in North Kerry in 1607 having been transplanted from their ancestral home in Leix nowadays called Laois and formerly Queens County betrayed by a traitor named Crosbie .They were given lands at a reasonable rent and ordered never to return but most  of them made their way back over time.: Tom Moore the poet is of this stock , his ancestors were from Glenalappa.Most of the names have faded out  except for Moore’s Dowling’s and Kelly’s. 

Murtagh Culhane and Mary Moore had a son Thomas Murtagh Culhane who married Mary O’Shaughnessy. The Shaughnessy’s who arrived in Glin circa 1692 were a direct descendant of Sir Dermot O’Shaughnessy of Gort who was given the title by Henry V111 of England . There are numerous O’Shaughnessy and Shannessy families all over Limerick.

Thomas Murtagh Culhane and Mary O’Shaughnessy had at least six children one of whom was Bridget Culhane who married Henry Windle of Glenagragra, Glin.

My thanks to Sean Wallace for this information. Sean, my former class mate at Ballyguiltenane National School is originally from Tullyleague, Glin but now domiciled in Dublin city.

(1) Michael Windle b circa 1845 (son of Henry Windle & Bridget Culhane)  married Annie Long b circa 1845, Beale, Ballybunion daughter of Thomas Long and had the following family, –

i. Bridget Windle b Sept 26th 1868 at Ballyguiltenane, Glin and died Sept 1st 1888 Long Island City, Queens, New York. She is buried in in Calvary Cemetery, in the same grave as her Uncle Maurice and his 2 sons.

ii. John (Jack) Windle b June 27th 1870 at Dromreask, Glin and died Jan 15th 1961 at Glenagragra, Glin.

(See a more detailed look at John (Jack) Windle further on)

iii. Henry Joseph Windle b April 17th 1872 at Ballyguiltenane, Glin and died June 14th 1921 at Rockaway, Queens, New York. (Drowning accident) Henry married Margaret Woods b. Abt 16 Jul 1873 at  Tullyleague, Glin, Co. Limerick, d. 7 Aug 1950, New York City, New York. They had 5 children, Annie, Henry, Jeremiah, Michael and Thomas.
iv. Thomas Windle b April 1st 1874 at Ballyguiltenane, Glin and died Oct 24th 1929 at 330 West 29th St. New York city married Nellie Liston d. 17 Aug 1952, (Calvary Cemetery, Woodside, Queens, New York
v. Mary Windle b Oct 26th 1875  at Ballyguiltenane and died circa 1876 at Ballyguiltenane, Glin.
vi. Mary Ann Windle b April 19th 1878 at Ballyguiltenane, Glin married Daniel Scanlan, Dromreask, Glin and had the following family of 8 –
1.Ann Scanlan married William Shine, Dirreen, Athea and had the following family – Mary Ann Shine and Joan Shine.
2.Jack Scanlan
3.Josie Scanlan
4.Bridie Scanlan
5.Nellie Scanlan
6.Mick Scanlan
7.Thomas Scanlan
8.Nora Scanlan

(More on the Scanlan’s further on)

vii. Maurice Windle b May 13th 1880 at Ballyguiltenane, Glin married Mary Lynch b. 23 May 1886 at Glasha, Athea – Family from that union as follows –

Michael (Mickeen) Windle b. 26 Jan 1912, Glenalappa, Glin, (Birth registered at Listowel, County Kerry)

Johanna Windle b. 3 Feb 1913, Glasha, Athea, County Limerick, Ireland (Birth registered at Listowel)
Patin Windle.
Mary Windle.
(More on Maurice Windle further on)

viii.  Michael J Windle b May 21st 1882 at Glenagragra, Glin and died Oct 12th 1937 at 52-80 62nd St. Queens, New York married Margaret Shanahan, family of 4 follows –

(1)Anna May Windle b. 12 Jan 1924, New York

(2)Beatrice (Vera) Windle b. 12 Jun 1925, New York, d. 3 Feb 1999, New York married Robert Molloy d. Before 22 Jul 2003 and had the following family –
(1)Robert Molloy d. 27 Mar 1960, (Calvary Cemetery, Woodside, Queens, New York)
(2)Margaret Molloy b. 30 Apr 1959, Queens County, New York, d. 22 Jul 2003, Pocono Medical Center, married Agar and had the following family –
Timon Agar
Aieleen Agar
(3)Thomas Molloy. (No information on Thomas)
(3)Marguerite Windle b. February 28, 1929, probably Queens County, New York married John McNally and had the following family –
Sharon McNally
(4)John Windle b. 12 Jun 1929, New York, d. 18 May 2007, Marco Island, Collier, Florida who married Patricia ?

ix. Patrick Windle b August 1st 1884 at Glenagragra, Athea and died August 31st 1936 at City Hospital, Welfare Island, New York.  Family of Patrick Windle hereunder as in Family Tree Descendants of Henry Windle compiled by Patrick’s grand-daughter Marilyn Fannon. 

3-Patrick Windle b. 1 Aug 1884, Glenagragra, Athea, County Limerick, Ireland, d. 31 Aug 1936, City Hospital, Welfare Island,
New York City, New York
+Ellen McCormack b. 10 May 1879, Ballvennaght, County Antrim, Ireland, d. 15 Jun 1930, Knickerbocker Hospital, New
York City, New York
4-Florence Agnes Windle b. 27 May 1912, Connecticut, d. 14 Jul 1961, Flushing Hospital, Queens, NY
+John William Rehll b. Abt 11 Sep 1909, New York City, d. 4 Dec 1971, 189-09 45 Ave, Flushing, Queens County, New
5-Lavonne Rehll b. Abt 5 May 1935, New York, d. 14 May 2010, Phillip Hulitar Hospice Intake Center, Providence,
Rhode Island
+Morris E Morgan b. Abt 28 Feb 1928, Massachusetts, d. 23 Oct 1989, North Scituate, Providence, Rhode Island,
United States
6-Lavonne “Bonnie” Morgan b. , Quam
+Albert Thacker b. Abt 1954, Providence, Rhode Island, d. Abt 14 Jun 2010, Johnston, Rhode Island
6-Wayne Morris John Morgan b. 26 Jun 1959, Cumberland County, North Carolina
+David Casey
5-Kathleen Ann Rehll b. Jun 1946, Flushing Hospital, Flushing, NY, d. 8 Feb 2009, Plainview, Nassau County, New
+Ronald Zedalis b. Abt 1944, New York
6-Jeannine Zedalis b. 27 Dec 1967, Flushing, Queens County, New York
+Stanley Vardaro
7-Jesse Morris Vardaro b. 15 Feb 1995
7-Oliva Kathleen Vardaro b. 15 Feb 1996
7-Jake Vardaro b. Abt Mar 2007
7-Max Vardaro b. Abt Mar 2007
6-Michael Zedalis b. 28 Sep 1969, Flushing, Queens County, New York
+Kim Ross
7-Tristan Joseph Zedalis b. 8 Sep 1996
7-Zoe Zedalis b. Abt Jul 2000
6-Ronald Jason Zedalis b. 4 Jun 1972, Flushing, Queens County, New York
+Marion Cahill
7-Megan Hope Zedalis b. Abt 2003, New York
7-Cameran Brooke Zedalis b. Abt 2005, New York
+Richard Useloff
6-Mindy Useloff
+James Milano
7-Nikolai Albert Milano b. Abt 2011, New York
7-Christian James Milano b. 9 Oct 2012, Plainview, Nassau County, New York
4-Mary Frances Sarah Windle b. 24 Jan 1914, 542 West 47th St, New York, New York, d. 5 Jan 1995, Huntington Hospital,
Huntington, New York
+Joseph Coleman Vincent Nullmeyer b. 15 Mar 1914, 221 Jamaica Ave, Astoria, Queens, New York, d. 17 Jul 1998,
Brunswick Hospital, Amityville, Suffolk, New York
5-Marilyn Ann Patricia Nullmeyer b. 10 Apr 1945, Physicians Hospital, Jackson Heights, Queens, New York
+Jeffrey Henry Fannon b. 26 Oct 1951, Forest Hills, Queens, New York. (Thank you Marilyn Fannon) G.L.
6-James Joseph Francis Fannon b. 26 Dec 1984, Prescott, Arizona
5-Joseph Vincent Nullmeyer b. 6 Sep 1946, Flushing Hospital, Flushing, NY, d. 9 Jul 1997, Sibley Place, Huntington
Station, Suffolk, New York
+Mary Patricia Hall b. Abt 1945, Maryland
6-John Michael Nullmeyer b. 3 Jun 1967, Montgomer, Maryland
6-Theresa Ann Nullmeyer b. 15 Jun 1969, LaGuardia Hospital, Queens, New York
+Raymond Gordon
7-Caitlyn Elizabeth Gordon b. 10 Jan 2002, Maryland
+Alice Hovi b. 27 Aug 1947, Queens Village, Queens, New York
4-Eileen Winifred Windle b. 7 Sep 1915, New York City, New York, New York, d. 8 Feb 1957, New York City, New York,
New York
+Joseph Faul b. Abt 1909, New York City, New York, New York, d. 29 May 1941, Lake Kitchawan, Town of Lewisboro,
5-Dorothy Faul b. 26 Dec 1934, Knickerbocker Hospital, New York City, New York, d. 14 Nov 2002, 255 W 43rd St,
New York, New York
+Michael Flannery
+Henry Schmidt b. Abt 18 Feb 1905, New York City, New York, New York, d. 22 Jul 1991, 160 Kingsbridge Rd, Bronx,
New York
5-Susanne Kathleen Schmidt b. 22 Jan 1944, Physcians Hospital, Jackson Heights, New York
+Gilbert Cruz b. 11 Oct 1940, Harlem Hospital, New York
6-Daniel Cruz b. 29 Jun 1978, Booth Memorial Medical Center, Flushing, NY
+Michele Marie Lynch
7-Brianna Paige Cruz
7-Dylan Scott Cruz
6-Timothy William Cruz b. 29 Dec 1985, St. John’s Episcopal Hospital, Smithtown, NY
+Kathleen Theresa Mirro
5-Caroline Schmidt b. 25 Sep 1946, Sunnyside, Queens County, New York
+Douglas Meinhofer b. 1 Nov 1943, New York City, New York, New York
6-Peter Andrew Meinhofer b. 2 Jun 1966, New York City, New York, New York
+Melissa Ann Pigott
7-Nicholas Peter Meinhofer b. 19 Nov 1996
6-Lisa Meinhofer b. 20 Jan 1970
+David McCully
6-Margot Meinhofer b. 19 Jul 1982, Wantagh, Nassau County, New York
+Adam Harris
4-Patrick Joseph Windle b. 20 Jan 1917, New York City, New York, New York, d. 6 Jul 1923, Roosevelt Hospital, New
York City, New York, New York
4-Anna Kathleen Windle b. 8 Jan 1921, New York City, New York, New York, d. 5 Feb 1979, Bayside, Queens, New York

x. James Windle b April 27th 1887 at Glenagragra, Athea and died May 17th 1919 at 70 West 83rd St, New York City. James remained single in life.

1901 Census for Windle’s as follows –





Relation to head






Head of Family

Roman Catholic


Annie (Long)




Roman Catholic






Roman Catholic






Roman Catholic






Roman Catholic






Roman Catholic

1911 Census as follows –

Surname Forename Age Sex Relation to head Religion
Windle Michael 70 Male Head of Family Catholic Roman
Windle Annie (Long) 67 Female Wife Catholic Roman
Windle John 39 Male Son Catholic Roman
Windle Mary 33 Female Daughter Catholic Roman
Windle Maurice 31 Male Son Catholic Roman

John (Jack) Windle missing from 1901 census, I believe he was in the U.S at the time.

Con Higgins who was a neighbour of Mick Windle was very witty and was renowned for many humorous axioms. There was an occasion when Mick gave his pipe to Con for a smoke and Con broke the stem. Say’s Windle, ‘intentionally’, no say’s Higgins, ‘accidentally’.

(2) Henry Windle 1847-1906

(son of Henry Windle & Bridget Culhane)

Henry Windle was born 1847 at Glenagragra/Ballyguiltenane, Glin. He remained single in life and died in New York in 1906.

(3) Ellen Windle b circa 1846

(daughter of Henry Windle & Bridget Culhane)

Ellen Windle  was born circa 1846 probably Kerry/Limerick and died Jan 24th 1924 at 169 Alexander Ave, The Bronx, New York. Ellen was married to John Crowley b circa 1838 somewhere in Ireland and died (it would seem without issue) July 13th 1905 at 67 Charlton St. New York.

(4)Thomas Windle b circa May 4th 1850

(son of Henry Windle & Bridget Culhane)

Thomas Windle was born circa May 4th 1850 in either Kerry or Limerick and died Dec 28th 1926 at 1740 Garfield St., Bronx, New York. Thomas was married to Margaret Maloney from somewhere in Ireland born circa 1857 and died Dec 5th 1934 at 1740 Garfield St., The Bronx, New York.  Thomas Windle’s family hereunder as in Family Tree Descendants of Henry Windle compiled by Thomas’s great grand niece Marilyn Fannon. 

2-Thomas Windle b. Abt 4 May 1850, Ireland, d. 28 Dec 1926, 1740 Garfield St, Bronx, New York
+Margaret Maloney b. Abt 1857, Ireland, d. 5 Dec 1934, 1740 Garfield St, Bronx, New York
3-Mary Ann Windle b. Abt 11 Jun 1878, New York City, New York, New York, d. 11 Jan 1895, 624 Greenwich St. New York
City, New York
3-John Henry Windle b. 25 Feb 1880, New York City, New York, New York, d. Abt 1957, (Ferncliff Cemetary, Hartsdale, NY,
St. Francis Section grave 2937)
3-Margaret Windle b. Abt 1883, New York, d. Abt 1 Mar 1969, (Ferncliff Cemetary, Hartsdale, NY, St. Francis Section grave
+Edwin R Hallecy
4-John Hallecy b. 18 Aug 1921, probably Bronx, New York, d. 25 Jan 2012, Arlington Hospital, Texas
+Dorothy b. Abt 1923, d. 18 Jun 2012, Bedford, Tarrant County, Texas
5-Betty Hallecy
6-Kimberly Green
+Joey Edwards
7-Landry K Edwards
5-Gary Hallecy
6-Krista Hallecy
6-Jeffrey Hallecy
3-Helen Windle b. Abt 18 May 1890, New York, d. 9 Jan 1921, 1740 Garfield St, Bronx, New York

(5)Mariam Mary Windle b circa Sept 7th 1853

(daughter of Henry Windle & Bridget Culhane)
1853 September 7 Windle Marie FATHER

Henry Windle


Bridget Culhane


Michael Connolly


Joanna Flahavan

Glin Ballyguiltenane

Mariam Mary Windle family hereunder as in Family Tree Descendants of Henry Windle compiled by  Mary’s’s great grand niece Marilyn Fannon. 

2-Mariam/Mary Windle b. Abt 7 Sep 1853, Glenagragra, County Limerick, Ireland, d. Abt 22 May 1883, Manhattan, New York,
New York
+John J Sheahan b. Abt 1846, County Clare, Ireland, d. 2 Feb 1917, Jersey City, Hudson, New Jersey
3-Ellen Sheahan b. Abt 1877, New York, d. Between 1880 and 1899, New York Or New Jersey
3-Maria Sheahan b. Abt 1878, New York City, New York, New York, d. 11 Jul 1899, Jersey City, Hudson, New Jersey
3-John Sheahan b. Abt Jul 1879, New York City, New York, New York, d. Abt Jan 1885, (Calvary Cemetery, Woodside,
Queens, New York)
3-Edward FX Sheahan b. Abt 1881, New York City, New York, New York, d. 1 Oct 1951, Jersey City, Hudson, New Jersey
+Bridget Loretta Dillon b. Abt 28 Jan 1881, Jersey City, Hudson, New Jersey, d. Abt 20 May 1969
4-Edward M Sheahan b. Abt 31 Mar 1902, Jersey City, Hudson, New Jersey, d. 26 Dec 1983, New Jersey
+Elizabeth M Beveridge b. Abt 1902, Pennsylvania, d. Abt 1935, Jersey City, Hudson, New Jersey
5-Marie Sheahan b. Abt Dec 1919, Jersey City, Hudson, New Jersey
+Esther E Seaman d. 17 Jul 1951, New Jersey
4-Dorothy Marie Sheahan b. Abt 11 Jan 1909, Jersey City, Hudson, New Jersey, d. 17 Jul 1997, New Jersey
+John W Hyland d. Bef 1997
5-Doranne Hyland
5-Sheila Hyland
3-Maurice Sheahan b. 15 May 1883, New York City, New York, New York, d. 19 May 1883, New York City.

(6)Maurice Windle b circa 1859

(son of Henry Windle & Bridget Culhane)

In relation to below, Maurice Windle married Mary Hayes who was the daughter of John Hayes and Margaret Wallace. Margaret Wallace was from Tullyleague, Glin. There were so many Wallace families in Tullyleague that they had to have nicknames to differentiate one family from the other. Margaret’s family were known as ‘The Lady’ Wallace’s and they lived in what’s known locally as Middle Tullyleague.

Maurice Windle family hereunder as in Family Tree Descendants of Henry Windle compiled by Maurice’s great grand niece Marilyn Fannon. 

2-Maurice Windle b. Abt 1859, Ireland, d. 8 Jun 1891, Manhattan, New York, New York
+Mary Hayes b. Abt 1863, Ireland.
3-Mary Windle b. Abt 1887, Jersey City, New Jersey
+Percy Lincoln Nott b. Abt 1866, North Scituate, Massachusetts, d. 27 Feb 1923, Manhattan State Hospital, New York, New
4-Mary Agnes Nott b. 23 Jul 1906, New York City, New York, New York.
+John Carmody b. Abt 1902, New York (see Mary Agnes Nott on page 5)
5-Bernadette Carmody b. Abt 1925, New York
5-Robert Carmody b. Abt 1927, New York
4-Irene Nott b. Abt 1908, Rhode Island, d. 16 May 1922, Manhattan, New York, New York
4-Henry Bradford Nott b. Abt 1909, Rhode Island, d. probably Nov 5, 1989, Nutley, Essex, NJ
+Helen Grochmal b. Abt 1911, d. Abt Jul 1965, probably Bronx, New York
5-Bradford Nott b. 7 Feb 1930, New Market, NH, d. 26 Oct 2012, Vassar Hospital, Poughkeepsie, NY
+Delores I Carmichael
5-Charles Nott b. Abt 1932, New Hampshire
5-Raymond Nott b. Abt 1936, New York
5-Joseph Nott b. Abt 1939, New York
4-Blanche Nott b. Abt 14 Jun 1910, Puerto Rico, d. Abt Oct 1975, Bronx, New York, New York
+Louis Laquidara b. Abt 12 Jul 1905, Manhattan, New York, New York, d. Abt Jan 1986, Bronx, New York, New York
5-Charles Laquidara b. Abt 1931, New York
4-Anthony Nott b. Abt 9 Feb 1913, Kittery, Maine, d. 15 Nov 1944, Bronx, New York, New York
+Elizabeth Gertrude Unknown b. Abt 1914, New York
5-Carrol Nott b. Abt 1937, New Jersey
4-Hellen G Nott b. Abt 1918, Maine
+Charles Breivogel b. Abt 1885, Germany (see Mary Windle on page 5)
3-Henry Windle b. Abt 1888, Manhattan, New York, New York, d. 15 Jun 1895, 746 Greenwich St, Manhattan, New York, New
3-John Windle b. 1890, New York, d. 29 Jun 1895, 746 Greenwich St, Manhattan, New York, New York


Maurice Windle, b May 13th 1880

(Son of Michael Windle & Annie Long)

Continued from earlier on in blog

Maurice Windle  married Mary Lynch. born May 23rd1886 (daughter of Patsy Lynch, Glasha)  Her sponsors were James Lynch & Brigid Culhane.  Maurice and Mary had a shop in Glenagragra on a piece of ground across from Bill Flavin’s. (Bill pictured 1980’s)flavin-bill-glenagragra-copy-copywhich was later owned by my grandfather, Paddy Langan. We used to call the place the ‘foundation’ as all that was left of the dwelling was its falling down walls and foundations when Paddy took it over. Paddy bought the place from James (Jimeen) Lynch for the sum of 10/-. It was said that Paddy made the deal by way of stuffing the 10-shilling note into Jimeen’s breast pocket over a drink at Jimmy Collins’s in Athea village one afternoon. This plot of ground was also known as Starr’s place named after a lady who was related to the Lynch’s via the Flavin’s.


Flavin’s now Walshe’s as it is today 2007

When Mary Lynch married Maurice Windle, her father Patsy gave her a present of part of the family farm along with the ‘foundation’. It stretched from Higgins’s bounds at the east all the way south to the bounds of George Lynch’s bog and northwards to and including the three fields at the rear of Eddie Langan’s at the ‘Glen’, (our place was known as the ‘Glen’ back then) a considerable size of a present indeed. James (Jimeen) Lynch, Mary’s nephew subsequently bought back that part of the farm. (Part of the field in question pictured.)


Lynch Mary and Windle Maurice had the following family:


Windle Mickeen.

Windle Patin.

Windle Josie.

Windle Mary.

Maurice Windle died circa 1926 and his wife Mary Lynch must have died before or shortly after that year as my mother remembered their two daughters, Josie and Mary Windle coming to visit Lynch’s, (Jimeen’s) each summer from Mount St. Vincent Orphanage in Limerick City. Said mother – ‘they were two very attractive girls wearing beautiful clothes’. After leaving the orphanage both sisters emigrated to England. Neither of them married. Mary tragically drowned at a relatively very young age. Her uncle Jimeen brought her home and laid her to rest in Templeathea cemetery. Jim Lynch, Glasha, grandson of Jimeen is of the opinion that Josie finished up somewhere in Northern Ireland and died in some home there. Following the death of their parents, Mickeen Windle and his brother Patin Windle also came to Lynch’s, to work in the farm. ‘’Slaving’’, my mother said. Windle Mickeen was reputed to have been a bit of a browbeater back then and many of the youngsters would run for their lives if they happened to come-upon the said Mickeen.  Bill Faley, Paddy’s brother was one who had the misfortune of coming face to face with him on one particular evening whilst on his way home from school and knowing of Mickeen’s reputation Bill naturally enough ran for his life back through Paddy Mike Wallace’s bog.. A couple of days later the two met whilst working in the bog and say’s Mickeen – ‘Wellan, seen that you made such a good run I wont hit you at all this time’. ‘Wellan’ was a word Mickeen would use quite regularly. Mickeen walked the Blaine road to school with Paddy Faley. He also worked in his uncle Patin Lynch’s shop in Athea before emigrating to England where he married a girl from Co. Tipperary and reared a family there. He died in 1987. Windle Patin went to his uncle Paitin Lynch, Shanagolden then later emigrated to England. He remained single and died in his adopted country.

John (Jack) Windle b25/6/1870  

            R.I.P. Jan 15th 1961.                 

(son of Michael Windle & Annie Long)

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John (Jack) Windle  was the local hackney-man. He used his horse and sidecar to ferry people to their various destinations. (See Higgins Con & Dan under Higgins Family Glasha blog) Jack married  Julia Scanlon b 1889, (R.I.P. September 27th 1967), daughter of Johnny Scanlon and Mary Dalton   Dromreask, Glin. Children from that union as follows -:

(i) Windle Johnny.        

(ii Windle Harry.

(iii) Windle Bridie.

(iv) Windle Moll

 (v) Windle Nancy.


Windle Julia 1960'sWindle Julie

Julia Scanlon Windle 1960.

(i)Johnny Windle married Nell Conway d March 3rd 1999 from Killeaney and had the following family -:

Seanie Windle, b circa 1944, married with a family and lives in Glin,

Mary Windle, b circa Oct 1947, emigrated to Birmingham, England.

Tommy Windle, b circa Sept 1951, emigrated to Birmingham, England circa 1970. Tommy was my best mate growing up in Glenagragra. Haven’t heard or seen him in years.

Paddy Windle,  b circa March 1953, married to Johanna with one daughter Sheree Windle, lives in home place in Glenagragra.

Eileen (BiBi) Windle R.I.P.July 2nd  2013, b circa May 1954, emigrated to Birmingham, England.

Henry (Harry) Windle, b circa April 1955, emigrated to Birmingham, England. (twin of Michael)

Michael (Mickey) Windle, b circa April 1955, emigrated to Birmingham, England. (twin of Henry)

Jim Windle, b circa Feb 1957 emigrated to Birmingham, England.

Christina Windle, b circa Dec 1959Married John Conway, Glin son of Patrick Conway. (Conway’s Hotel)

Langan Delia, O'Sullivan Lizzie, O'Connor Moll. Middle - Lynch Jack, Higgins Bob, Windle Johnny, Lynch John.Back - Langan Ned & Lynch Dan.

Back left – Bob Higgins, Ned Langan, Dan Lynch.

Middle left – Jack Lynch, Johnny Windle, John Lynch.

Front left – Delia Lynch, Lizzie Lynch, Moll Connors.

Photo c1944

Windle Nellie1988

Nell Conway Windle. Photo 1988.


Drawing out the turf from Higgins’s bog in the summer of 1990.

On trailer left – Connie Noonan & Pakie Higgins

with Johnny Windle on ground.

Jerry Griffin’s tractor and trailer.


Nell Conway’s father was related to Mick Langan’s wife, Mary Sexton, Cahara.


Johnny and Nellie Windle 1996

(ii)Harry Windle emigrated to Doncaster, England and worked in the coal mines there. He was married. He returned on holiday to Ireland in the late 1960’s, for the one and only visit, I am told. Jerry Griffin, in his blue Ford Anglia took him to the train in Limerick on his return journey receiving a fifty-pound note for his work, a fantastic sum of money back then. Harry’s brother, Johnny Windle accompanied them on the trip to Limerick. Johnny and Gerry went to Limerick Junction races that evening and blew the fifty no doubt. Harry died Jan 19th 1979.  

(iii)Bridie Windle remained single and built for herself and her mother Julie a house in Glenagragra on a site that they acquired from Paddy Flavin. This site was directly opposite grandfather Langan’s home. Bridie died April 9th 1984.


(iv) Moll Windle b May 6th 1912 married Dan Lenihan and lived in Kilworth Co. Cork. They had at least three daughters that we know of one of whom Peg who regularly came on holidays to her aunt Bridie in Glenagragra in the 1960’s. I knew her well. Picture as follows-

Lenihan Family, Kilworth. Mother Moll Windle 2nd left, Peg on left

From left -Peg Lenihan, Kilworth, Cork and her mother Moll Windle,

( Moll, sister to Johnny Windle, Glenagragra) with two other members of the Lenihan family.

Linehan Peg, Windle Bridie, Judy & Mick Higgins 1960's

Left – Peg Linehen, Bridie Windle,

Judy Linehan & Mick Higgins. Photo 1960’s.

(v) Nancy Windle emigrated to England and got married to Pat O’Brien. They live at number 8 Radstock Ave, Kenton, Harrow, Middlesex, England. Nancy always sent a Christmas card to my mother. Under the 1938 Folklore collection Nancy submitted some folklore that she received from Daniel Flavin aged 87 yrs, Glenagragra/Turraree. Available in Newcastle West library.


 Mary Ann Windle. b 29/10/1876 or 30/03/1878

(Daughter of Michael Windle & Annie Long)

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 Mary Ann Windle (R.I.P. May 26th 1945) married Feb 22nd 1911  Daniel Scanlon, (son of Johnny Scanlon , Glenagragra and  Mary Dalton , Templeathea) (The Scanlon’s always gave their address as Glenagragra even though they were in the townland of Dronreask.) Johnny also had a daughter  Kate Scanlon  who was married to  Tom Feury , Glenagragra. He had a sister Johanna Scanlon who was married to Michael O’Sullivan, Kilacolla, Glin). He also had a brother Tom Scanlon, who remained a bachelor and who lived out his day’s in the family home in Glenagragra. Children from  Mary Ann Windle & Daniel (Dan) Scanlon as follows, 8 in total -:

(1) Scanlon Tom, Glasha.

(2) Scanlon Mick, Glasha.

(3) Scanlon Annie, Dirreen.

(4) Scanlon Nell, Shanagolden.

(5) Scanlon Josie, Birr, Co. Offaly.

(6) Scanlon Bridie, Dromreask.

(7) Scanlon Nora, Glin.

(8) Scanlon Jack, Glenagragra.

(1) Scanlon Tom (R.I.P. March 16th 1993) (Son of Dan) married Mulvihill Catherine, (R.I.P. November 14th 2007) Glenalappa, daughter of Mulvihill Michael and Brandon Margaret. Family from that union as follows -: 

Scanlon Danny, Glasha.

Scanlon Mary (McCarthy), Kilkenny.

Scanlon Kathleen (Woulfe), Abbeyfeale.

Scanlon Margaret (Culhane), Glin.

Mulvihill Michael’s father was Jer Mulvihill  and his mother was  Catherine Hanrahan. Margaret Brandon’s father was Gene Brandon  and her father was Margaret Buckley .  

(2) Scanlon Mick, (Son of Dan) lived in Glasha. Mick was a bachelor and like his uncle Tom before him, he too lived out his years with his brother and family in Glasha, a practice that was customary in some families in those times. Mick went to his eternal reward December 25th 1986 after arriving home from midnight mass in Athea. He was 66yrs of age. I remember as a young fellow how I helped Mick when he was building Bridie and Julie Windle’s home in Glenagragra circa 1961. I also remember how Mick was under a little pressure at the time from the Glanagragra/Dromreask wren boys who having secured the house from Bridie for that year’s wren dance needed the floors in place in time for their annual bash. I hope that my weak and feeble hand helped Mick in someway towards him achieving his goal.  Just for the record, I attended that same wren party myself that year as I was spending my Christmas vacation with my grandparents at the time, they being Paddy and Babe Langan who lived directly across the road from Bridie’s.  However, I’m afraid my stay at the party was short-lived for the first person I clamped eyes on, on entering was my late father who was standing with his back to the fire playing the fiddle and no sooner had he finished playing the first polka than I got my marching orders home. I remember how the following morning when all the partygoers had dispersed grandfather put me in the back window, handed me an old enamel jug and told me to drain off any porter that might have remained in the barrels after the night before. We were in luck; we had to make several trips. Was it any wonder that I developed a taste for the black stuff thereafter? Julie Windle died on  27/9/1967, age 78yrs. Bridie Windle died on 9/4/1984.

 Windle Bridie's house as it was in the 1970's.

Bridie Windle’s, Glenagragra. The 1961/’62

Wren-party house. Photo taken by George Langan 1980’s

(3)Annie Scanlon, R.I.P Jan 14th 1981 (Daughter of Dan) married  Bill Shine, (R.I.P. Jan 8th 1999) Dirreen, Athea.  

(4) Nell Scanlon, (Daughter of Dan) married Behan, Shanagolden.

(5) Josie Scanlon, (Daughter of Dan) married Short, Birr, Co. Offaly.

(6)  Bridie Scanlon (Daughter of Dan) married Bill Woods, (R.I.P. Sept 18th 1987) Dromreask and had the following family of two -:

John Woods.

Ann Woods m Morty Scanlon

See blog on Woods family Clounleharde.  

(7) Nora Scanlon, (Daughter of Dan) married Mick Costelloe, Turraree, Glin. They got a house in Marian Place in Glin. Nora was great friends with my aunt Maureen Langan McInerney, The Mall, Glin. Mick Costelloe was one of the family known locally as the ‘Morteen’ Costello’s at the ‘cross’, Turraree. The Costelloe’s had a shop there one time, I remember it myself from the 1960’s.

(8) Scanlon Jack, R.I.P Sept 20th 1989 (son of Dan) married Conway Margaret (Peggy) sister to Nell who married Johnny Windle. I knew Jack very well as the family lived just a few hundred yards from us in Glasha. We used to cut the hay etc for Jack as my father was an agricultural contractor back in the 1960’s/70’s. I paid a visit on Jack at St. Luke’s Hospital in Dublin a week or so before he passed to his eternal reward. Jack and Peggy and had the following family of five -:

(1) Scanlon Mary.

(2) Scanlon Danny.

(3) Scanlon Kay, Glenagragra.

(4) Scanlon Eileen.

Scanlon Eileen is a Sr. (Nurse) in St. Ita’s Hospital, Newcastle West.

(5) Scanlon Margaret, Glenagragra.

Scanlon Margaret is the current owner of the old Connell/Flavin homestead in Glenagragra. Jack Scanlon had the distinction of being the only slated house in the parish of Glin once upon a time having received a grant from the Knight of Glin for the purpose. Other people in the parish were reluctant to avail of the Knight’s generous gesture, as they were fearful that the said Knight might be looking for something in return. As it turned out the Scanlon’s were never asked for any compensation or any favour for that matter.

1901 census for Scanlon’s.





Relation to head


Scanlon Mary (Dalton) 56 Female Head of Family Roman Catholic
Scanlon Daniel 29 Male Son Roman Catholic
Scanlon Thomas 25 Male Son Roman Catholic
Scanlon Catherine 19 Female Daughter Roman Catholic
Scanlon John 16 Male Son Roman Catholic
Scanlon Lizzie 14 Female Daughter Roman Catholic
Scanlon Julia 12 Female Daughter Roman Catholic

1911 census for above family –





Relation to head


Scanlan Mary (Dalton) 68 Female Head of Family Roman Catholic
Scanlan Daniel 37 Male Son Roman Catholic
Scanlan Thomas 36 Male Son Roman Catholic
Scanlan Julia 22 Female Daughter Roman Catholic

Footnote to the above – Nicholas Wingle   was the name of    one of the  Wingles in Aughrim, Moyvane, Co. Kerry   whose  father  was Henry Windle  married to Johanna Reddick. ( a cousin of Sean Wallace ) It’s quite feasible that the Glenagragra, Ardagh and Aughrim Wingles were related as the same names keep cropping up in their offspring.

Henry Windle, Ardagh, Co. Limerick.

It would appear that there was a James Lynch, born in Glasha circa 1780/90, (my maternal ancestors) who had a family of five that we know of, four sons and one daughter whose name was Catherine Lynch. Catherine married Michael Connell, Glenagragra Upper  in 1846. This is the Michael Connell as per Griffith’s Valuation 1851. Michael and Catherine were first cousins. Either Catherine’s mother was an O’Connell or Michael’s mother was a Lynch. They had a daughter Catherine O’Connell who married John O’Connor from Ballyguiltenane both of whom emigrated to New Zealand the marriage taking place at Shands Track Catholic Church on 31 December 1878. Catherine travelled out to New Zealand on the ‘Marlborough’ from Glasgow to Bluff in August 1877. She emigrated with her cousin also called Catherine (Kate) O’Connell (born about 1856)  daughter of Dennis Connell and Mary Beahan. John and Catherine would have known each other before emigrating since Catherine’s mother Catherine Lynch was the sister of George and John Lynch of Glasha and George’s wife Mary (Flahavan) was the aunt of John O’Connor. Catherine (Kate) Connell married Henry Windle, who was born on 11 February 1852, the son of John Windle and Ellen Connell of Ardagh.  Ellen Connell may have been the sister of Michael and John O’Connell from Glenagragra, Glin  Two  of  Henry Windle’s  sisters Johanna b 1858 and Mary b 1860 also went New Zealand  sailing on the Victory arriving in Otago on 23 December 1883. Catherine (Kate)  Connell Windle died in 1924 at the age of 68 years.

Children of Henry Windle 1850-1904 and Catherine Kate O’Connell 1852-1924 as follows –

1879 – 1962 John Windle (buried East Taieri, Dunedin with wife Rose)

1880 – 1909 Mary Windle (married Daniel Daly in 1904)

1883 – 1951 Denis Patrick Windle (son Denis killed 1942 while POW) in June 1891 Denis Patrick had  one of his eyes seriously injured when a barbered wire loop from a gate rebounded hitting him in the face.

1885 – 1907 Michael Windle (probate to Mr Poppelwell)

1886 – 1969 Henry ‘Harry’ Windle (died 2 weeks before brother Cornelius)

1889 – 1982 Maurice Henry Windle (buried Riversdale, Southland)

1891 – 1908 Nicholas Windle (aged 16, buried Riversdale, Southland)

1893 – 1982 Ellen Alice Windle (married Patrick Sarsfield Holland 1919)

1895 – 1912 Catherine Windle (aged 17, buried Riversdale, Southland)

1897 – 1969 Cornelius Francis Joseph Windle (died 2 weeks after brother Harry)

They lived in Longridge Village and the children attended the Longridge Village School

On 20 October 1882 at the weekly meeting of the Waste Lands Board, an application was made by Henry Windle to be allowed to transfer his portion of 214 acres in the Hokonui district, held on deferred payment by himself and George Lynch, to the latter. Granted. (George Lynch was my great granduncle. See blog Lynch Family History By George Langan)

It is believed many weddings took place in the Windle homestead one of which was  on Wednesday 13th January 1904 when his daughter Mary married Mr D. Daley, of Maheno. The ceremony was performed by the Rev Father Keenan, of Riversdale. Her bridesmaids were her two sisters Catherine and Ellen. Her brother John acted as best man.
It is the belief that the wedding presents were both numerous and valuable and comprised several handsome cheques

More on Thade Windle

 Hanrahan Ned 1904-1965.

Ned Hanrahan lived in Glenagragra, Glin directly across from Ballyguiltenane School. Ned was a member of An Garda Siochana. (Irish Police Force) He took early retirement from the force when he married  Nellie Drew sister to Mary Drew and Jimmy Drew. This Hanrahan farm was originally the property of Jack Cussen who was married to a sister of Thade Windle. Thade lived west of Carrickerry Church quite close to the bad bend on the Athea road. When Jack Cussen died Thade came back to lend a helping hand to his sister with the farm work. Thade had brothers and sisters. He spent some time in the U.S in his early days. Thade by all accounts was a man of wit. For some of the ‘Windle Wit’ see B.R.J. 1978 p17 & 18 by Liam O’Shaughnessy. See also p21 of same Journal by the aforementioned Henry Lyons, Dromreask. The Cussen’s had no family and their niece the aforesaid Nellie Drew inherited the place and subsequently married Ned Hanrahan. Ned did a ‘cliamhain isteach’. (Married into the place) According to Griffiths Valuation, Jimmy Drew had a house rented from Patrick Normoyle in 1851. Do not know the location.

When the Lynch’s and O’Connors’s emigrated to New Zealand there were Windles from around Ardagh, Co. Limerick who also travelled with them.


Carrickerry/Knockfinisk Windle’s

A Paddy Connolly from Glenagragra  went east, married and set up home in Barneigue, Carrickerry, Co. Limerick. As far as I can establish he married a Culhane girl from Barneigue. He had a least two daughter’s one of whom was Mary, who married a Griffin and became the mother of Master Barry’s wife who taught at Clounleharde national school. Another daughter Ellie married Maurice Windle, Carrickerry and subsequently became the parents of Mary Windle Donovan, publican, Carrickerry.  Paddy Connolly had a son Mick Connolly who married Mary O’Neill, Glensharrold and lived at the cross at Barneigue/Carrickerry which is now O’Keeffe’s. Mick Connolly died circa 1950 and is interred at Murhur cemetery, Moyvane.